Wednesday, September 9, 2020



I am tired. Tired of smoke. Today at 10 am it is darker than it was at 8am. Tired of the polluters and climate deniers who would rather make a profit or chant the vapid lies of their party as the climate spirals out of control. Tired of the pandemic. Tired of those whom are more concerned with themselves than those around them, who can’t wear a mask or socially distance themselves. I am tired of the racial and economic injustice that is regularly killing our people, depriving them of a means to live a reasonable life. That after more than 150 years after the Civil War a person of color cannot walk down their own street without a concern for their lives is just plainly horrible. I am tired of the corporations and the rich who are pillaging the country while people go hungry. I am tired of the Republican party who brazenly dismantle democracy for their personal gain, the lying the cheating, the tearing of people’s lives apart. I am tired of the hate of immigrants, that as the world falls apart politically and environmentally and violence tears apart their homelands, desperate peoples seek better lives for themselves and their families and are being made scapegoats and villainized. I am tired of those who suffer needlessly because they cannot afford healthcare. I am tired that Americans are killing each other with guns at an alarming rate and do so under the banner of freedom. I am tired of those who do not vote because they say it makes no difference.

I am tired, but I will trudge on and try to make this world a better place and do what I can. The alternative is horrible.

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